Wednesday, April 23

Wedding Welcome Baskets

If you have out of town guests coming to your Wedding, it's a very nice idea to have a welcome basket waiting for them in their hotel room. You can fill it with whatever you deem appropriate, and have the hotel staff place it in the rooms before your guests check in...(more)

Tuesday, April 22

Best Wedding Websites

As my professional website editor status allows me to spend countless hours reading articles about every wedding subject you could think of I thought I would share with my readers some of the place I frequent. When there is a subject or a new trend and I want other expert opinions these are the sites I go to...(more)

Wedding Favor Cost Cutting

It is much easier to save money on your Wedding Favor then it would be to cut costs on something more important, like your Wedding Photography. All you need is time, help and know-how and you can create Wedding Favors on any budget...(more)

How to Place Your Wedding Favors

There are certainly just as many ways to give your guests their Wedding Favors as there are choices of Wedding Favors. Modern Wedding Advice has highlighted some of the more popular delivery methods...(more)

Most Popular Wedding Favors

Just as the Beatles took over from Elvis, a Modern Wedding Favor will break from tradition. The most popular Wedding Favors are quickly becoming the new tradition. Modern Wedding Advice has compiled this list of suggestions for your Modern Wedding...(more)

Wedding Favors - Small Gifts, Big Purpose

Wedding Favors are small gifts or tokens that you hand out to your guests at your Wedding Reception. They can come in many sizes and can be highly unique, but they serve a magnificent purpose...(more)

Monday, April 21

Cocktail Wedding Reception

A Cocktail Wedding Reception is an ideal way to personalize a reception, while still keeping a budget tightly controlled. This can be an extravagant event with elegance and uniqueness, but will ultimately help you save money...(more)

Formal Wedding Reception

Formal Wedding Reception include many specific parts that need to have attention paid to them. The formality of the event suggested a needed structure and there for Modern Wedding Advice has included a handy list to take you through each part of your Formal Reception...(more)

Champagne and Cake Reception

Wedding Receptions have traditionally been where Bride and Groom spend the most of their Wedding Budget. Usually in the realm of 55% of the total wedding cost will end up in the Wedding Reception. A traditional Champagne and Cake Reception can help you defray the total cost of your Wedding without losing any of the elegance that you expect on your wedding day...(more)

Saturday, April 19

Destination Wedding Planning

Destination Weddings bring your closest companions together for a romantic, exotic, and memorable experience as you say your vows away from home. Destination Weddings take a different kind of planning than other Weddings, but they can be well worth it. Some things to consider while planning...(more)

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Traditional Christian Wedding Ceremony

The following are the main parts of the Traditional Christian Wedding Ceremony...(more)

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Selecting Your Wedding Ceremony Location

Modern Wedding Ceremonies take place in many different locales. The following are a few things to consider when deciding on you Wedding Ceremony Location...(more)

Bridal Party Formations During Ceremony

There are many different options available to the Modern Couple when planning their attendant formations during the Wedding Ceremony. Legally speaking you are simply required to have two persons vouch for you as witnesses to the ceremony and sign the marriage certificate, any other additions are yours to make...(more)

Friday, April 18

Modern Wedding Toasts

Wedding Toasts have become one of the most cherished Wedding traditions. It is a custom believed to have been started in 16th century France, where it was customary for men to toast the health of any women present at a banquet; only naturally it has evolved into toasting the Bride on her Wedding Day...(more)

Unity Candles

The Unity Candle is a symbol of two people becoming one after being married. You have two candles on the altar, Groom's parents, light one and the brides parents light one, then both groom and bride light the unity candle together symbolizing Unity...(more)

Thursday, April 17

Modern Wedding Venues

Hotels, country clubs, and function halls are common places to host a Wedding. But if you're looking for something different, there are plenty of other options...(more)

Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies

You've fallen in love and are ready to get married. The only issue is, how to celebrate honoring your different religious beliefs. There are a few ways to address this issue, if neither partner is considering converting to the other's faith...(more)

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Wedding Day Beauty

A bride will look beautiful on her Wedding Day no matter what- that kind of happiness means a radiant beauty no one can miss. But keeping in mind what a special occasion it is, and how many eyes and cameras will be on her, many brides take steps to augment their beauty. Here are a few things to keep in mind...(more)

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Wedding Day Disposable Cameras

There are going to be many, many memorable moments at your Wedding. One way to capture some of the moments that you might miss out on, and your photographer can't be there for all of them, is to place disposable cameras on each of the tables at the reception...(more)

Kodak EasyShare Gallery

Wednesday, April 16

Using Letterpress for Invitations

When it comes time to print you wedding invitations, you should consider having letterpress invitations, budget be damned. Letterpress printing is printed with movable type, and the surface of the type is then inked and pressed against a smooth substance...(more)

Wedding Guest List Tips

When you first sit down to do your guest list, you will probably be tempted to invite every person you have ever met. Or you will feel right off the bat that you can't possible afford to invite anyone? More likely it is somewhere in between...(more)

Outdoor Wedding Woes

For most Couples the ideal location to say your "I do's" is an vastly important part of your Wedding. So how do you plan an Outdoor Wedding, without losing your mind considering the weather?

Here are some simple items to consider, so that your tears don't out-do the rain showers, if it happens to rain...(more)

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Tuesday, April 15

More Wedding Cost Cutting

Weddings can very expensive. Here are some ideas on ways to save money while planning your Wedding and working within your budget. The atmosphere of the day is going to be driven by how happy the bridal couple is, not by the little details that people will forget right away...(more)

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Sunday, April 13

Wedding Cake Toppers

A Wedding Cake with a plastic Bride and Groom smiling on top is a very traditional image. This is quite common, but there are plenty of other options for Wedding Cake Toppers...(more)

Bridal Handbags & Totes

Wednesday, April 9

Wedding Gown Sleeve Options

There are many options when it comes to Wedding Dress Sleeves. A walk through any Bridal Salon will show that by far, the most common choice these days is the strapless gown. If you wish to try something else, whether it is for modesty's sake, what suits your body best, or any other reason of personal preference, you have plenty of options...(more)

Sunday, March 30

Alternatives to Rice

The tradition of throwing rice to send off the newly married couple has gone by the wayside, due to its negative effect on birds and the difficulty of cleaning it up. Here are a few alternatives to consider...(more)

Saturday, March 29

Alternatives to Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography can be too expensive for some couples. Or maybe the couple just doesn't think they'll ever watch the video, and it's not very high on their priority list. Here are some ideas that incorporate video of your Wedding Day without going all out to hire a Wedding Videographer...(more)

Wedding Videography

A Wedding Video is a great way to capture moments in greater detail than a photograph. You'll be able to see the ceremony from start to finish, hear each other's happy, nervous voices, capture the reactions of your guests, and record the whole atmosphere of your wedding. It can be a priceless memento of your Wedding Day...(more)

Monday, March 24

Wedding Registry Tips

Creating a wedding registry should be one of the most enjoyable parts of the Wedding Planning process- you are after all picking out the gifts and goodies you'd like to receive as you start your new life together. This excitement could be accompanied by anxiety- too many choices, should I ask for this, etc. Here are some tips for you on how and what to register for. Hopefully this will keep any anxiety to a minimum...(more)

Sunday, March 23

Bridal Party Transportation

Now in the Wedding Planning Process you will come to a time when you need to decide upon mode of transportation to and from the Wedding sites. There are a variety of options and you should consider them and how they work with your overall Wedding Theme. Also consider who you need transportation for- Bride, Bride's Father, Bridesmaids, Groom, Groomsmen. Then if you want a third Limo just for the Bride and Groom after the ceremony going to the reception area...(more)

Tuesday, March 18

Bridal Shower Planning Guides

When you have been asked to plan a Bridal Shower, there are many topics to be dealt with. The following books are great guides to helping you plan a perfect Wedding Shower. I have included links to the detail page of each, which gives you the ability to purchase these Bridal Shower Books through which is safe and secure...(List)

More Wedding Planning Guides

Well here are even more Wedding Planning Books. I am included the links to their detail pages which allow you to order them safely and securely through

Great Wedding Planning Books

No matter how simple your Wedding Day will be, even the simplest Wedding will require a detailed plan. You will need a place to organize your budgets, keep track of vendors contracts and offers that are made. You will need at least one Wedding Planning guide to get you through your Special Day. I have compiled a list of Wedding Planning Guides that are top-notched and highly effective. Some of these guides...(List)

Friday, March 14

Wedding To-do's

Here is the complete timetable for your Wedding. Included are the suggested order of To-do's.

12 to 18 Months before your Wedding Day

9 to 12 Months before your Wedding Day

6 to 9 Months before your Wedding Day

4 to 6 Months before your Wedding Day

3 Months before your Wedding Day

2 Months before your Wedding Day

6 Weeks before your Wedding Day

One Month before your Wedding Day

Two Weeks before your Wedding Day

One Week before your Wedding Day

One Day before your Wedding Day

Day Of Your Wedding

After the Honeymoon

Wedding Timetable Tips

In planning any large gathering a timetable of events is a helpful way to keep on track. It is the cornerstone of your sanity and will help you remember where your supposed to be and what your supposed to be doing. A Wedding Timetable is no different. There are literally hundreds of items that need your attention and the best way to organize them is in a Calendar Timetable...(more)

Thursday, March 13

First Step: Wedding Budget

One of the first steps you can take in planning your Wedding is to come up with a rough budget. It will guide you in all of the other decisions you have to make. See what you have, what you need to come up with, and what you'd like to come up with. You can always add to it later if the opportunity arises, but it really helps to have a general idea to start with...(more)

Considering Your Wedding Guests

Your Wedding Ceremony is probably the most important single day in you life to date. It is a time of Love, New Beginnings, and Happiness. This is a celebration you have probably waited your whole life for. You want everything to be perfect...(more)

Wednesday, March 12

Remember Why You Said Yes

There are plenty of times during the early years a couple is together that the stress and pressure will seem insurmountable- especially during Wedding Planning. You are in the process, not only of planning a huge event in your life as a couple, but also merging two unique persons into one family unit. There can be resentments, trials and tribulations. There even might come a time when you feel you are making a cataclysmic mistake. Rest assured that this isn't the first time a couple...(more)

Tuesday, March 11

Best Man Duties

So your Buddy, the Groom, has officially asked you to be the Best Man and you have a million questions. Some of your answers you will find in Bridal Party Duties, but some more important information will be found in this article....(more)

Monday, March 10

Destination Wedding: Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls has been the honeymoon capital of Canada for many years. This tradition started in 1804 when Napoleon's younger brother, Jerome Bonapart brought his new bride, Elizabeth Patterson, from Baltimore, to witness the majesty of the thundering waters. Subsequently, millions of visitors have chosen Niagara to start their new lives together. One major reason for this is that Niagara Falls is blessed...(more)

Sunday, March 9

Simple Budget Worksheet

The first thing you should do when planning your wedding is buy a three-ring binder, as the shear amount of information you need during this process should have a home to itself. It is helpful to write everything down...(more)

Planning Your Rehearsal Dinner

One of the final stages of Wedding Planning is planning a Rehearsal Dinner. This intimate evening is a special time for the Bridal couple to thank the people closest to them. The event also has a practical theme, feed the people who have just gone through the Wedding Rehearsal. In the old days, this event was planned and hosted by the Groom's parents...(more)

Saturday, March 8

Children Wedding Activities

Inviting or not inviting children to your Wedding Ceremony and/or Reception is a decision that is truly up to the Bride and Groom. This article is for couples who choose to have children at the Reception...(more)

Friday, March 7

Perfect Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

So you have picked your reception location, hired a DJ, booked your photographer and now with all your free time you are looking at Wedding Centerpiece Ideas. Well I am going to help you out. Here are some great ideas for Floral Wedding Centerpieces...(more)

Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas

Well, maybe your allergic, maybe you don't have the money. Or perhaps you just want to be a little different from other Couples. Well here is a great list of non-floral wedding centerpiece ideas. The best part of not using fresh flowers is you can have these centerpieces created months prior to your Wedding day and not have to be running around or depending on a vendor to show up promptly on your wedding day...(more)

Simple Groom's Checklist

Here is a simple (though thorough) checklist to take you through the typical duties a groom needs to pay special attention to. This is not an absolute list, it is a typical one. Feel free to change items from the bride's checklist to the Groom's and vice versa as needed to plan your wedding...(more)

Thursday, March 6

Nine Fun Cheap Date Ideas

Planning a wedding is a lot of fun, but it is also stressful and expensive. Hopefully you and your fiancĂ© are enjoying this process together. Try not to let planning your wedding get in the way of your relationship. Here are some ideas to help you spend time together and relax, like when you first started dating. These are all free or really cheap, so they won’t eat into your wedding budget...(more)

Wednesday, March 5

A Wedding in 10 Days

Most people have the luxury of spending months or even years planning their wedding. For any number of reasons having a Wedding in a few short days is an option people need to exercise. Whether troop deployment or a family illness, Weddings sometimes need to happen quicker than anticipated. Here is a simple guide to help you get to to the altar in a couple of weeks and make sure you still have a Wedding you can always remember...(more)

Tuesday, March 4

Hiring A Wedding Planner

Wedding Planning can be overwhelming. There are so many details to attend to, things you’ve never had to consider before. Your family and friends might have plenty of good suggestions, but they could be all over the place and you just don’t know who’s got it “right.” Everyone has a different opinion on how you should or shouldn’t do things. You have to start somewhere. One place to start that can help you preserve your sanity along the way is to look for and hire a wedding planner...(more)

How to Have a Hawaiian Wedding

If you wish to have a Hawaiian themed Wedding you will be able to by following some of these Wedding Traditions of the Hawaiian people.

Weddings in Hawaii are typically an outdoor beach wedding, a tropical garden or perhaps on a boat sailing around the majestic Isles. It is customary for a Japanese-American bride to fold 1,001 paper cranes prior to her wedding to create good luck and a long happy life. This is a departure from standard Japanese Tradition where the brides make 1,000, the Hawaiian population has added...(more)

Are There 'Wedding Rules?'

If you have ever had the pleasure of an advice session by Mickey, you know I'm not a huge fan of "mindless" rules. Whenever I hear "That's the way it has to be done" I think of the answer heard so often during childhood: "Because I said so!" I am a big fan of getting what you want, within a structure that makes everyone happy. The following are not necessarily "rules," they are strong suggestions. All of the advice I offer is based on these principles...(more)

Monday, March 3

A Splendid Wedding under $1000

During the excitement of the Wedding Planning process we sometimes forget that the most important part of the Wedding is the magical life to people are spending together after the Ceremony and not the Party itself. So in light of that here are some great ideas to make the Marriage the focus of your wedding and accomplish it in the most inexpensive way possible...(more)

Setting Up Your Personal Wedding Website

You might ask why you need a Personal Wedding website. The answer is simple to show off to the world the important events in your life. The practical answer is to inform your guest about certain specifics about your wedding which will make everyone's lives easier. You can include a great deal of highly focused data that help your guests do simple things like look up directions to your wedding locations. and buy you gifts...(more)

Honeymoon: Tahiti

While in the process of planning your Wedding a common excursion from the stresses of the Wedding day is planning your Honeymoon. While there are many places you can visit, the Islands of French Polynesia, commonly known as Tahiti, has become the biggest Honeymoon destination. It is easy to figure out why, but in case you don't know here is a rundown of the best spots and reasons why people gravitate towards Tahiti for their romantic Honeymoon getaway...(more)

Sunday, March 2

Must-Have Pictures

Every moment of your Wedding day is special and you want to remember them all, but here are some moments you Must-Have pictures taken of. These are the simple moments in time where you will show your grandkids how special your Wedding day was...(more)

Choosing a Videographer

Wedding Videography is a unique field where the deadlines are tight and the quality is far to often sub-par. Here follows some suggestion to ensure your Wedding Videographer is a cut above the fold.

Keep in mind a wedding is a one-time job, do they have known repeat off-season customers? Unfortunately it's just too easy for wedding vendors to produce sub-par work and walk away from it. It becomes a matter of "Are you going to hire me again?" and unfortunately for some Videographers they know that no matter how good they are, you won't have need of their services again...(more)

Saturday, March 1

Destination Wedding: Singapore

Singapore is a beautifully diverse city in a the midst of a great region. It offers an eclectic array of venues and locations to host any sort of Destination Wedding. With a highly diverse population or incredible people Singapore offers an at home feel in an exotic locale. Here are some of the best venues the city has to offer for all your Wedding needs.

The British Club

Make your own history by promising your love in the unique setting of the British Club...(more)

Destination Wedding: Southern California

First in our Destination Wedding Series: Southern California offers a wide range of venues to choose from. It is a great place to be wed; whether or not you live in this region, the options seem endless.

Southern California

From the numerous sun-drenched beaches to a magical wedding at Disneyland, Southern California has it all. Consider these familiar settings and not-so-familiar settings...(more)

Wedding Invitation Wording

The proper wedding invitation wording is critical and we tell you everything there is to know. Whether it be a Church wedding, home wedding, second marriage or whatever, the proper etiquette and wedding invitation wording are essential. Here follows sample Wedding Invitations Wording for your use in Invitations. Keep in Mind there are no rules, feel free to use the wording you like best...(more)

Friday, February 29

Wedding Cost-Cutting

Weddings cost entirely too much money. The following will hopefully help you keep some of your hard earned dollars in your pocket, instead of giving it to vendors who will be more then willing to take it. There are many Wedding Cost-Cutting ideas and these are just a sampling.

Avoid saying Wedding whenever you are dealing with vendors in the wedding planning process. If you can get a quote for a product you are trying to purchase or rent for your Wedding day, you will get a much better price if they don't know it is your Wedding Day. This is not possible...(more)

Dance Lessons?

When planning your Wedding day keep in mind there are certain universal traditions that everyone will expect the newlyweds to include. These range from Cutting of a Wedding Cake to Throwing the Bouquet. The most terrifying of these (especially for non-dancers) is the first dance a married couple.

It has become a recent trend for the engaged couple to choreograph their first and last dance with a dance instructor...(more)

Thursday, February 28

Stationary Checklist

Chances are you're going to put a lot of thought into your invitations. It's the first hint you're giving your guests about the atmosphere of your wedding. While you are ordering your invitations, keep in mind the other stationary you're going to need that it would be nice to have coordinated.

Save the Date cards- These are especially helpful to out of town guests who will have to make travel arrangements...(more)

Bride's Attire Checklist

Here's a Checklist of items to make sure you have ready to wear on your Wedding Day.

Wedding Gown- This will be what everyone ooh's and ahh's over, and the centerpiece of your outfit. Everything else will complement the dress. Decide whether you want formal or more casual, traditional white or ivory, or something modern with a bit of color...(more)

Bridal Shower Games

The Wedding Planning process can take up a life of it own. It would be a great thing if Bridal showers were a process for relieving the pent up stress of the Planning process. With some of these simple steps it can be a fun and happy day. Make sure you include some Bridal Shower Games to loosen up the atmosphere and help the Bride relax. These are some sample game ideas, or you could do your own...(more)

Order of Processional

Following are the order of the processional and recessionals for a non-Jewish ceremony, and for the Jewish ceremony.

The "processional" is when the Bridal Party enters into the ceremony space, whether church or elsewhere.

The "recessional" is when the Bridal Party leaves the ceremony space.

This is the common processional for a Catholic (first to last) ceremony:...(more)

Wednesday, February 27

Simple Wedding Checklist

This isn't complete it is just the start...You can get a more complete timeline through

Tell Your Parents, friends and other important family members

Arrange for your families to meet (if they already haven't)

Announce your engagement...(more)

Winter Wedding Flowers

Flower styles, availabilities, and costs vary throughout the year. This also varies from region to region. Florists can get almost any type of flowers for you, but it makes sense to have the bulk of your floral arrangements made of flowers that are readily available during the season of your wedding. You have many options for winter wedding flowers...(more)

Should You Invite Children?

This a problematic question for most couples planning their nuptials. Children can be a delight at a wedding or they can ruin a beautiful ceremony. It becomes a question of politics to many families and is therefor a true issue...(more)

Ordering Wedding Invitations

Now is the time of year for the summer brides to start ordering wedding invitations. I feel that makes it appropriate to include this article now. If you follow these simple rules you will be able to pick and order your invitations in a matter of hours, instead of weeks...(more)

Catholic Wedding Ceremony

This comes directly from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops site. It is a beginning to your journey to being married in a Catholic Church.
Nowadays many engaged couples handle a lot of their own wedding planning. When at least one of the individuals is Catholic this can include making arrangements to be married in a Catholic church...(more)

Choosing Your Reception Site

First things first, trying to decide when and where your wedding reception and ceremony is going to take place. Keep in mind your budget when even looking for places. In any event planning ask right off the bat what the space costs. If you know your budget you should know right away if you have to cross the space off your list before wasting time going to see it. When you do go and check it out, below are some important questions to ask – and these aren’t all the questions just a good start...(more)

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Many couples get so caught up with planning all the obvious details of their wedding--such as the cake, the wedding decorations, the gown and gifts for their bridesmaids and groomsmen --that they often overlook the importance of selecting the right wedding photographer. It's important to remember that the photographer you choose will be responsible...(more)

Choosing a Disc Jockey

This can be the single biggest decision you will make in planning your wedding reception. This is the person who will guide your guest through your wedding experience and make sure you are the center of attention to your guest. It can be overlooked, it can be daunting, but with these tips you will pick the master of ceremonies that will...(more)

Minnie's Money Musings

Wedding Budgeting can be quite the challenge. It's a common place for resentments to build up. Here are a few tips to help you keep the peace, avoid as much trouble as possible, and keep everybody focused on the Marriage that is being created, and not the hassles of the Wedding Finances...(more)

Perfect Wedding Cake

One of the most important days is a person's life is their Wedding. The Wedding Cake is perhaps one of the most symbolic items at your Wedding. Most guest won't remember what they ate at your Wedding, but they will recount every detail of your Wedding Cake...(more)

Wedding Questions?

I have recently found the website Yahoo Answers. This webstite is fantastic. You simply enter the question you have and you will get responses from hundreds of people.

I was answering some questions earlier about wedding. It was great. Even if you are internet shy, you will still be...(more)

Wedding Guest List

So I am not sure why is so insistent on finalize our wedding guest list already...

I am sure it has something to do with knowing how many people so you can pick a venue and but the right amount of everything.

I suggest ten months out to know how many you can invite and who you must have at the wedding...But don't worry...(more)

Wedding Blogs

I have been researching Wedding ideas. I have read what must be 100 wedding blogs and wedding websites in the last two days. I am finding it very exciting to find new ideas and see how other people planned and celebrated their "special" day...(more)

Free is the best price for help

I just spent a few hours on I am really starting to enjoy that site...I have been able to find just about everything I need for the wedding planning there. They even have a great budgeter application. You input details like how many people and how much you have to spend and it formulates the exact number you can spend in each category...(more)

Tuesday, February 26

Bridal Party Gifts

It's standard that in addition to all the wonderful gifts you're receiving, you're going to be giving gifts to the people who are helping make your day special. Don't forget to work these into your budget. Here's a list of people not to forget, and also some suggestions for each. You know your...(more)

Bridal Party Duties

This is a little go-to list for the duties of the Bridal Party. Remember every Bride and Groom are different and may wish to augment this list in order to fit their own Wedding. Basically the only constant is the Bridal Party are the closest friend and relatives of the Engaged Couple and will help them as great friends would...(more)